"Gina", from the Arabic "we're here", comes from the refrain of a popular song we used to sing while climbing the "Passo della morte" between Grimaldi Superiore and Menton, during the filming of "On the bride's side". The song tells of a group of friends that court a beautiful and noble girl. They sing: "if it were not for your eyes we would not have come. For your eyes talk to us".   This is the story of our name, but also the kind of tension we carry in our work, a passion driving us to search for unexplored looks and points of view. We believe that cinema is a means capable of inspiring concrete actions and producing real change in our everyday life.

With "On the bride's side" we accompanied five Syrian-Palestinian asylum seekers fleeing from the war to Sweden. From the fake wedding procession that crossed Europe from the central station of Milan in November 2014, the wedding dress has become the symbol of the right to travel.

"For a son" saw the light thanks to the tenacity of the director Suranga D. Katugampala, who decided to bring part of the troupe from Sri Lanka to tell about another Italy. During the distribution we travelled through Italy and get in contact with the Italian-Sri Lankan public, without whose support this movie would not exist. From Milan to Palermo thousands of people  mobilized to welcome us, discuss and see a story on the screen that resembles much of real life.

"It was tomorrow" is an experimental documentary realized by the director Alexandra D'Onofrio using social theater workshops, storytelling practices and animations over a three-year work. It reconstructs the biographies, aspirations and dreams of three youngEgyptian men come to Italy in search for a better life. The film's distribution combines the projection with storytelling laboratories,techniques taken from the Theater of the Oppressed, participatory multi-media and visual anthropology seminars.


We work with the aim of producing and distributing films that can bring change and new perspectives on  contemporaneity. For Gina Films, distributing a film has an artistic, ethical and political value. It means imagining alternatives for a better world, looking for them, and making them live.

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